So have you ever had writer’s block? I can’t really remember an occasion myself until the first time I tried to do just this thing, write the first post on my shiny new blog. If you check here, you’ll see I’m hardly shy with my opinions, so that may help you to understand how freaked out I was by the sudden inability to face the dreaded blank page and then fill it.

I think part of it is my staunch desire to neither bore y’all or waste your time on trivialities. There’s enough random BS in life and the Good Lord knows there’s more than enough that’s boring. I think it should be the Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shall Not Bore. That said, one idea I have to support daily posts may just do that anyway, so I hope to live up to that commandment regardless.

So what exactly am I going to write about here? Well, that’s for me to come up with and you to see, if you will so indulge me. I think the blog’s tag line is the best overall summary, because like any personal blog, it will be a compendium of my experiences, opinions and hopefully some enlightenment along the way. I need an outlet for the thoughts and opinions that well up in me on a daily basis, but instead of filling up the comment section of someone else’s blog (something I’ll probably still do), I wanted someplace of my own for it as well, where it’s my show and everyone else has to deal with it!

Since running a blog is terra incognita to me, things will change and adjust as time goes on (’cause that’s new for a blog!), but I hope the learning experience will be at least interesting. I do have an ultimate goal in mind for this and other blogs I intend to start in the future, but let’s see how this goes first. Thanks for looking in.