If you’re looking to jump into the Kinect world of gaming, then this Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 Amazon Deal of the Day is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. A full Xbox 360 Slim rig with Kinect and a game for $299 AND a $100 Amazon credit for future purchases! Such a hell of a deal that I could not resist it myself. I’m not as into the console gaming thing as I used to be, but have you seen this Star Wars game coming up at the end of the year? OMFG! Anyone who’s ever wanted to be a REAL Jedi Knight (as I have since about, oh, 1977!) will HAVE TO get this game! I’ve been jonesing for such an immersive gaming experience since I first heard of the Wii, but this seems like it’ll FINALLY be the real deal. New Year’s Eve is more than a half-year away, but as I said, this is such a good deal on the hardware (you’re virtually getting a Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 rig for $200!) that you can’t pass it up. Or at least I couldn’t. SOOOOO looking forward to the end of the year now!

Sorry if this seems like the kind of hard selling that I earlier disavowed, but the deal is just THAT good and as you (should) well know, it’ll disappear like that if you hesitate.  Just a fast and hard word to the wise (shouldn’t that actually be to the unwise, though?)!