So the post after this is a LONG-ass dissertation on who and what I’m going to vote for (or in most cases, against) in this all-important general election of 2020. I think it reads pretty well, but in case you disagree or just run into this in a desperate search for quick voting suggestions, I submit the following guidelines:

  • Trump. As if there’s a rational other choice.
  • Vote NO on all measures. They’re either trying to get your money or fuck something up. Or both.
  • Vote Republican. Can’t be worse. Might be better.
  • Vote out incumbents. Public office should be a service to the rest of us, not a career choice, and entrenched political power bases should be broken up wherever they’re found.

And if you STILL need help but won’t read below (seriously, it’s a good read, I promise!), you might look up “progressive voter guide.” I’m not giving them the link, ‘cause my suggestion is to look at what they picked and vote the other way. Call it hate or spite voting, but these folks are unconsciously using the term “progressive” ironically, so please don’t aid them in the slow, painful destruction of Western civilization.

So best of luck in your decision-making process, get your ballot in ASAP, and stay out of Leftist-run cities (especially the downtown areas) for at least a week. Whatever happens in the election, it’s gonna get REAL ugly REAL quick.