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So the post after this is a LONG-ass dissertation on who and what I’m going to vote for (or in most cases, against) in this all-important general election of 2020. I think it reads pretty well, but in case you disagree or just run into this in a desperate search for quick voting suggestions, I submit the following guidelines:

  • Trump. As if there’s a rational other choice.
  • Vote NO on all measures. They’re either trying to get your money or fuck something up. Or both.
  • Vote Republican. Can’t be worse. Might be better.
  • Vote out incumbents. Public office should be a service to the rest of us, not a career choice, and entrenched political power bases should be broken up wherever they’re found.

And if you STILL need help but won’t read below (seriously, it’s a good read, I promise!), you might look up “progressive voter guide.” I’m not giving them the link, ‘cause my suggestion is to look at what they picked and vote the other way. Call it hate or spite voting, but these folks are unconsciously using the term “progressive” ironically, so please don’t aid them in the slow, painful destruction of Western civilization.

So best of luck in your decision-making process, get your ballot in ASAP, and stay out of Leftist-run cities (especially the downtown areas) for at least a week. Whatever happens in the election, it’s gonna get REAL ugly REAL quick.


So it’s scream-at-the-wall-and-hope-it-moves time for me, or as most know it, election time in King County, WA. I oft think of myself as a small red pinpoint in a sea of moron blue and wonder what happened to make everything go so wrong. That, however, is a much longer conversation that will not be held here and now.

Here and now is voting recommendations, for what they’re worth. Time was you couldn’t get away from newspapers and political parties sending you sample ballots and pontificating on why this person was right and that issue was wrong. Nowadays there’s much less of that, and since you pretty much know what the papers are going to say, what’s the point? There is the native gonzo fun of seeing how far off the wall The Strangler will go, but I wouldn’t give ‘em the clicks if I were you.

No, this is but pressure-release time for me. I departed Seattle when I abruptly realized I was free to go, and it has sharply declined in the three short years since then. I should also book from King County, as it’s very nearly as insane, but economics argue against that move for the time being. So while I’m here I may as well bitch about it, and since if you don’t vote you can’t bitch:

Washington State Measures

Referendum #90: Comprehensive State-Run Sex Education – No

  • I don’t have a problem with sex education per se, but I do have a problem when the state decides to mandate a curriculum of any sort over the objections of individual school districts. What we have ain’t broke, so let’s not fix it until and unless we get the kids up to snuff on the basics first.

Advisory Votes – Repeal All Of Them

  • For those not in the know, these are the comical result of the state supreme court gutting a citizen initiative some time ago that would have required voter approval of tax increases. If you want to blow them off, it won’t make a difference one way or another. But in the aforementioned spirit of screaming at the wall, tell ‘em where they can stick their tax increases, even if it won’t stop ‘em.

Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution #8212: Stock market investment of public funds for long-term care services – No

  • For the same reason any sane financial planner will tell you to move your money from high-yield to more secure investments as you near retirement age, this isn’t a smart move for money that absolutely, positively has to be there. Again, it ain’t broke.

King County Measures

Charter Amendment #1: Inquests – No

  • Kind of a knee-jerk move for me. On the face of it, not a bad idea, but in this day and age of going down the throats of law enforcement officers, I’m not going to give ‘em even that single inch. It’ll probably go through anyway, but not with my thumb up.

Charter Amendment #2: Disposition of Real Property for Affordable Housing – No

  • Honestly, this is just more screamin’ for me. Probably not a bad idea, but I trust County government as far as I can throw the Courthouse. It’ll go anyway, and that may ultimately be a good thing. But if I may quote the legendary Sophoclese: “Screw ‘em!”

Charter Amendment #3: References to Citizens – No

  • Nope, not having any of this. The only fuckers that’re getting their panties in a wad over this shit are the illegals, the bums and those who make bank shilling for them. If you’re not an actual citizen or have other legal justification for being in my county, then shove the fuck off. Period.

Charter Amendment #4: Subpoena Authority – No

  • Ha! Almost caught me there! Didn’t seem unreasonable until I read the part where this civilian oversight commission already HAS subpoena power, as granted by the county council. They just want it subject to a vote of the people as the only way to remove that power in the future. No, kids, you’ve got what you need, and if this group goes overboard, I have no problem with a swift council vote to take it out. Bite me.

Charter Amendment #5: Sheriff As An Appointed Office – No

  • Oh HELL no, in fact. I voted for making this office elective back in the day and no, I haven’t changed my mind. The only truly useful part of county government IS the sheriff’s office, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna put it back under the thumb of the useless ones! Screw dat!

Charter Amendment #6: Sheriff’s office “restructuring” – No

  • Along with the previous charter amendment, this is the other hand that the county clowncil wants to put around the throat of the sheriff’s office. Oh FUCK no. I left Seattle because I saw it going downhill in a hurry; now they’re greasing the incline by trying to dismantle what was only an adequate police force. Happily I live in a city, not unincorporated King County, but while I have a separate police force protecting me, if they need help or can’t get there to aid me in time, I’d rather not have what’s left of the county sheriff’s office send a social worker or a shrink when I need a man with a gun and the authority and training to use it. I’m SO happy the sheriff’s office was administratively unchained from county government over 25 years ago. Now’s not the time to go backwards when that’ll mean the large-scale destruction off that office.

Charter Amendment #7: Anti-discrimination status – No

  • So they’re basically telling us that despite all the other anti-discrimination language that’s already been adopted into the county charter, county government might still yet not hire folks on basis of being in the military, a veteran, a primary care-giver to members of their family, or (and this is the kicker) whether or not they got kicked out of the military for resolutely being a part of the Confused Alphabet set. Yeah, this isn’t anti-discrimination policy, this is politics. This is “orange man bad” politics. No, not with my vote ya don’t.

Proposition #1: Harborview Hospital Renovation – No

  • You probably saw this one coming, but actually I have no problem with renovating and improving Harborview. It’s an essential public safety and health facility and should be kept up to snuff. My problem with this proposition is that apparently the county council disagrees with my opinion. If they actually agreed with me, they would work out a way to use their existing capital improvements budget to get the job done and not leave it up to the voters to stick themselves with yet another tax bill, especially in These Troubled TimesTM. This is how the cost of living in a city or county (or both) just keeps going up and up and up, and pretty soon folks start asking, “Hey, why does it cost so much to live here?” and, “Hey, folks are getting priced out of the housing market! Why is that?” Because a levy here and a tax hike there may not make much difference by themselves, but add them all up AND add in the amount that businesses will pass on to consumers that raises the prices on goods and services. And don’t forget that higher prices means more in sales taxes, so there’s that on top of the ever-growing government slice out of your wallet. So yay Harborview, but boo on new taxes.

United States Federal Offices

U.S. President and Vice-President – Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence

  • What? You’re not voting Trump? What are ya, a commie boy? Git yo min’ right! No, seriously, it’s either America as you have come to know and love it, or it’s the nightmare of Amerika, courtesy the far Left cabal that would come to power under the aegis of that doddering old fool running for the Dems. Sure it’s pissing in the Pacific around these parts, but so’s most of the rest of the ballot. In for a penny, brutha! And no, all the others are just another way of voting for Biden. So don’t.

U.S. Representative, District 9 (heh!) – Doug Basler

  • Didn’t think I was gonna vote for the Dem, did you? Given the large chunk of Seattle that’s a part of this district, yes, it’s yet another protest vote, but “protests” are in vogue this year, so….

Washington State Offices

Governor – Loren Culp

  • It seems like there’s only two kinds of Republican gubernatorial candidates in this state. There’s the one that the state party gets through the primary and backs strongly, but he’s too much of a Republicrat to garner enough votes from the base to win. Then there’s the one that DOES fire the base up enough to vote, but the state party thinks he/she is too conservative to win so they do ZERO advertising and outreach, so they lose again. I’m pleased to have seen actual ads for Mr. Culp on local TV, but I don’t know if there from his campaign or the state GOP. Either way, he still hasn’t been visible enough, even in These Troubled TimesTM. Or maybe the local media’s been ignoring him, ‘cause that could sure happen. Still, our Dear Leader Jay Dimslee’s got to go at some point; why not now?! I just wish Culp had written an actual statement for EITHER voters’ pamphlet. It would have shown some commitment to actually winning the election.

Lieutenant Governor – WRITE-IN Joshua Freed

  • So I had a LONG piece here justifying picking Marko Liias instead of the far-too-eager Denny Heck. Then I read Liias’ candidate statement. So then I started looking around for other recommendations. Now in a rare sign of life, the state Republican party actually did send out a sample ballot this year, wherein they suggest writing in Joshua Freed, one of their Party boys that came up short in the gubernatorial primary in August. While looking to see if our local conservative talk radio station KTTH had any recommendations, I came across this interview between Freed and Jason Rantz. At least according to Freed, his write-in candidacy may not be a complete windmill tilt. And considering the chances of my other choices on the ballot, I figure one more shot in the dark won’t hurt. So go ahead and write him in. We might just make history!

Secretary of State – Kim Wyman

  • Not just a rare Republican choice, but a damn good one. She gets the job done, and well enough she actually has bipartisan support. That and Tarleton is the second-most thirsty candidate in the state races. She seems to be running as much against President Trump as Wyman, and for my cash she’s been in state and local politics for FAR too long to be given any more power. Certainly not in a position to pervert our cockeyed election systems more than has already happened. I know the Dems are going hard for 100% governmental control this year, just to finish the Californication of Washington state. Let’s deny them this office yet again.

State Treasurer – Duane A. Davidson

  • One of those offices so nondescript I forgot we got a Republican in there last time! Which probably says all you need to know about whether or not to vote with me on this one. And you can just dupe what I said for the above race, though I’ve never heard of this Pellicciotti joker before. No change necessary for this office.

State Auditor – Chris Leyba

  • Another “say what” office, but in this case that’s a problem. The point of a state auditor should be to have an independent advocate for the voter on how the state is spending our money, not yet another rapacious cog in a political machine. We’re probably not going to get a change of governor, so let’s at least try for an auditor who’ll do more than just rubber-stamp yet more waste, graft and corruption in Washington state. If nothing else, let’s churn the office so no one gets any entrenched power.

Attorney General – Matt Larkin

  • This is one of those no-brainers that doesn’t even need a passing glance at the voters’ pamphlet. Sideshow Bob has spent the last four years acting as if he’s not just the chief but also sole opponent of President Trump’s “reign of terror.” I know a lot of that was positioning for a gubernatorial run in case of Dimslee abandoning the state for the Dem nomination (as if THAT had a chance in Hell of happening!), but it’s still a horrible misuse of an office to assert some kind of national standing when he should be taking care of problems in THIS state. Let’s put this mad dog down sooner than later, shall we?

Commissioner of Public Lands – Sue Kuehl Pederson

  • Last time I heard of the incumbent here, she was wailing over the destruction wrought by this year’s wildfires. Destruction that could have been at least mitigated if not prevented by better management of the forests. Which is her damn job. Ms. Pederson has pledged to do this job correctly. Don’t need more than that.

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Maia Espinoza

  • Ms. Espinoza also opposes Referendum 90, so that’s almost enough in my view. That she supports strengthening basic education goals is the rest. She’s one of us, so vote for her already!

Insurance Commissioner – Chirayu Avinash Patel

  • I was all set to willingly vote for this dude until I read his statement. He should have followed Culp’s lead and not turned one in, or at least had someone else look it over first. Still making him my choice, but with zero enthusiasm. Kreidler’s a Dem but not a bad one, and he’ll probably get it anyway. Feh. I hate the lesser-evil choices.

Legislative District #11, Position #1 – David Hackney

Legislative District #11, Position #2 – Sean Atchison

  • I won’t hit all of the state Legislative races, but you can use this one as an example for your own. Position #1 is two Dems, so I hit the one I haven’t seen any ads for. The incumbent has been double-billing with the incumbent in Position #2, so enough o’ dat. Thankfully Position #2 has a Republican running, so that’s a better choice. I think. There’s also a state Senator running, but unopposed, so really what’s the point? Someone in his family will vote for him, so there you are. Ugh.

Washington State Supreme Court, Position #3 – Dave Larson

Washington State Supreme Court, Position #6 – Richard S. Serns

  • Thanks to a “progressive” voters’ guide, there’s at least some added insight on these least covered but greatly important positions. The opposite of the advice therein is largely the same as I figured out myself: just vote out the incumbents, but at least I have a little more guidance as to why. Unfortunately Positions #4 & #7 are unopposed. Can’t win ‘em all.

King County Superior Court, Position #13 – Hillary Madsen

King County Superior Court, Position #30 – Doug North

  • A motley crew to say the least, and no incumbents to churn out. But given the recommendations of the aforementioned “progressive” voters’ guide, Madsen is the slightly lesser of the two evils for Position #13, even if her list of endorsers turns my stomach. Unfortunately both of the Position #30 candidates pass “progressive” muster. North is the incumbent, but his opponent sounds like the worse choice, so there you go.

And that’s the lot. What a long, strange and depressing journey it has been! If you made it this far…what’s wrong with you? 😉 But thanks for doing so. I hope it was at least informative, if not entertaining. And remember: if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch!

Well, of course you can bitch. Folks do it all the time, but few will care, is what I’m sayin’….